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I ran into an issue with a plugin and themes yesterday.

I checked out the Gallery plugin. It was not compatible with the theme I wanted to use. They do offer a $10 service to convert it to work with the theme you like.

At work we have discussed different situations and issues, and so far the typical response from other users online has been to spend money to fix issues you run into. Typically it is to pay for a better plugin, or to pay for a service. While this works in a corporate setting with a large budget, when the economy is still down there should be a better answer.

It appears most plugin/theme makers only aim to have the most basic installation of WordPress work with this addons. I am sure Drupal has some similar issues, but it seemed to promote everything working properly even with addons installed much better.

Here is the Gallery plugin working with the default WordPress twenty twelve theme:
[print_gllr id=18]

I uninstalled it. Being forced to use the default theme was something I didn’t want to deal with.

Below is the same image without plugin.

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We are considering using WordPress at my work, so I figured I should try it for a personal site first. So here we are!

There are a few things I like, and a few I don’t. If I continue this site, I will expand upon those points in future posts.