I have finally done it. My WordPress site is now running on a Raspberry Pi 2. The migration of the site was a little concerning to me initially. The entire process should have taken about 10 minutes, but I over thought a few parts.

  1. A new LAMP setup was installed on the Pi. I ran into a few issues, as PHP wasn’t enabled in Apache using the initial method I chose. Lastly, I changed the default port Apache was running.
  2. Next, I had to export my database from my old server. I realized I had forgotten the MySQL database password, and spent time resetting that.
  3. This step was the easiest, I simply had to copy all the actual files out of the previous installation directory and move them to the new directory on the Pi.
  4. Next I had to go back to the new MySQL installation and generate a new user with their own database. Using that information, I had to update the database, database user, and database password stored in the wp_config.php file. Finally, I imported the database that was exported during the first step.
  5. The final step was enabling mod_rewrite for Apache. I had to make some changes to httpd.conf to allow it to work properly, which added time to the process. WordPress wasn’t the only site I moved over, so updating the other virtual hosts filled out the rest of the time I spent.

I can say the whole process was extremely easy, with only the original MySQL password and the mod_rewrite being minor issues.

If you are interested in following the guide I used, you can find it here. Since I was not changing my domain, I did not have to follow the last few steps they have in their guide.

daytona-usaSEGA has confirmed on Twitter there will be a new arcade release of Daytona USA. The game will be shown at this year’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) conference. The conference is taking place here in Orlando, at the Orange County Convention Center, in two weeks. It is the best location, while not being too far from the city that is the namesake of the series.

I found some additional information and a press release on Arcade Heroes. The current title for this release is Daytona 3 Championship USA. The title shows this release is a sequel and not another remake.

Growing up in Daytona Beach, with the Daytona International Speedway just a few miles from where I lived, I obviously had to love the game Daytona USA. It was in every arcade in town. One of my favorite arcade memories was the eight player setup, where the cabinet would let you race against seven other people. That was the first game I saw in an arcade where each person would have their own machine to play against one another.

There were multiple releases of the game. I still own a copy of the PC release from 1996, and many of my friends owned the 2001 Dreamcast release. Just last year I purchased the port that was released for Xbox 360 as part of the Xbox Live Arcade. It is also available on the PlayStation Network.

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Pi-HoleA few months ago I happened to read an article about ways to utilize an extra Raspberry Pi, and Pi-Hole was one of the suggested programs. I happened to have an extra Pi lying around, that I had used previously for some hackathon events. This weekend I had an extra hour to spare, so I decided I should write some new code or check out software I had not tried yet, rather than let the Pi sit there idle. The old article sparked my interest, and I decided to setup Pi-Hole. Worst case, I figured I could use the setup as a slim web server or database for some custom code I was working on. Best case it would help filter ads, and I think the screenshot does a good job showing how effective it is on my network.

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