How to Format a microSD Card for BerryBoot

Formatting microSD Card for BerryBoot

Formatting microSD Card for BerryBoot

This post is to help people properly format their microSD cards for BerryBoot for the Raspberry Pi. Large microSD cards will not always have the option to format as FAT or FAT32 in Windows. In my case, I was using a Sony 128 gigabyte microSD card. Following these steps you can format 100 megabytes of space as a FAT32 partition. Once the process is complete, you will be able to copy over the necessary BerryBoot files for setup.

  1. Hit Windows Key + X, and choose Command Prompt (Admin)
    • This should work for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
    • Alternatively, you can search for Command Prompt, right click on it, and choose “Run as Administrator”.
  2. Type “diskpart”
  3. Type “list disk”
  4. Find your USB drive, and determine the Disk #.
    • Remember they start at 0, which should be your C drive.
    • In my case, Disk 0 was my secondary drive, Disk 1 was my operating system drive, and Disk 2 was the microSD card.
  5. Let’s assume “Disk 1” is your USB.
  6. Now type “select disk 1”
  7. Then type “clean”
  8. Followed by “create partition primary size=100”
    • “size=100” makes the partition 100 megabytes in size. BerryBoot does not need more space than that.
    • You can skip “size=100” if you have a small card, but otherwise you will waste time while formatting the partition.
  9. Lastly type “format fs=fat32”
    • You can replace fat32 with a different type.
    • You can add “quick”, if you would like to do a quick format. This is only advisable if the partition is a few gigabytes in size.
  10. You can now type “active” to make the drive active. Then “assign” to give the drive a letter assignment.
  11. Now type “exit”, and your drive should be fully accessible again.

To the right you will see an image of the process as I executed it on my computer. The last two commands “assign” and “exit” are not shown.



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